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Anti-Bully Resources and Reporting

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FUSD Board of Education / Trustees

 Jim Thomas, President      Denise Guenther, Vice President
Bob Dailey                            Rose Marie Monks              Janeane Candelaria 
Magma Ranch School-spiritwear
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    "I truly cannot wait for this school year.

    We have a great team and our mission is one and the same."

Memorable Mustang Moments
August Students of the Month

1st Grade:
2nd Grade:
Giana Piccirillo
Juliana Rankin
Emma Sorensen
Lucas Corona  Trip Garnett Christian Baran
3rd Grade:
4th Grade:
5th Grade:
Maria Rogel Garcia
Emily Hayford
Brook Davis
Carson Miller  Indalcio Santiago Genaro Garcia
6th Grade:
7th Grade: 
8th Grade:
Frida Sanchez Solis
Kaylynn Ohlund
Amy Najera
Miguel Medina Levi Collins Oliver Collier
2014 Meet the Teacher NightWelcome Back, Magma Families!
Softball "A" Team2013 District Champions
Baseball "A" Team2013 District Champions

CAC Math Competition2013 Magma Ranch Math Team

S.O.A.R. ClubPresentation at November 2013
School Board Meeting

Youth Basketball4th Annual Magma Ranch
Youth Basketball League

November/December 2013

Robotics ClubMagma Robotics Club
First robotics competition finishing 15th of 24 teams!
Great job, students!

Boys Soccer2013 District Champions