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FUSD Board of Education / Trustees

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    Parents this year students in grades 3rd to 8th will take the AzMERIT for state testing from Monday, 4-13-15 to Friday, 4-17-15.


Memorable Mustang Moments
Staff V. Students
Staff challenged the students to an indoor game of soccer.
Future News Caster?
6th Grade students got to learn what it is like to be in front of the camera to read the news and weather.
S.O.A.R. Learns the Rubik's Cube
Club members work together to discover the math behind the Rubik's Cube.
FUSD Board Meeting Presentation
Magma Ranch highlighted our Robotics Club at the November 2014 FUSD Board Meeting.
Liquid Viscosity
6th Grade students study liquid viscosity in class.
Pumpkin Math
1st Grade Students don't mind the goo when doing their pumpkin math.
Pep Assembly Snack
Mrs. Alisa & student take a time out for a "snack" during the pep assembly.
Save an Egg!
6th Grade science students work together to create a package that would save an egg from cracking when dropped.
2014 NJHS Induction
Celebrity Spotted!
Michael Jackson visits Magma Ranch K-8 for Halloween
Magma Spirit To Spare!
Ms. Garcia pumping up the crowd during our lip-dub video taping.
2014 Impact Event
Students getting their learning on!
Ice Bucket Challenge
Mr. "Soup" Campbell getting the slow soak during the ice bucket challenge.
Fancy Staff
Staff Members: Mrs. Alisa, Mrs. Cruz-Beckett, Mr. Massicotte & Mr. Lopez racing with 6 inch heels during a pep assembly.
2014 District Champs
2nd Perfect Season in a Row
Bargain Shopping
2nd grade students learn how to budget while "shopping" during their math lesson.
2014 CAC Math Competition Team
Mrs. Christ took student representatives to the CAC Math Competition.
School Spirit
5th Grade shows they have spirit to spare!
Community Ed Activities

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